in the press

“Every time I cover an awards show for Extra! I pick up new style tricks from celebrities, stylists and my co-hosts... Flint is an adorable lint roller that will fit in even the tiniest clutch.”

“The This-Is-It, Take-No-More, Be-All, End-All Packing List of Our Dreams - Absolutely Everything You Need To Make Any Trip Great... Flint - It's so tiny, this refillable, retractable lint remover should always live in your bag.”

“The old-school lint roller has just been reinvented.”

"Flint is a cute, colorful, and compact new lint roller that every woman should own and carry in her bag at all times."

“It's hard to get excited over a lint roller, you say? Just wait until your pet-owning family and friends try out this puppy. The PEOPLE Pets editor tried the Flint Lint Roller in the office, (you should see our fur-covered selves every day) and we were fully impressed. Plus, it comes in a variety of cute colors and easily fits in a purse or backpack.”

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