Q: What is Flint?
A: Flint is a retractable, refillable lint roller.

Q: How does Flint work?
A: Twist the bottom cap (much like a lipstick) and the lint roller will extend to twice its length. Roll as normal!

Q: How does Flint close?
A: Just push down on the cap and Flint will close.

Q: Can I push the Flint roller down?
A: Yes you can. Go for it. It’s fun to do.

Q: Do I need to replace the Flint device?
A: Absolutely not. Flint is 100% refillable.

Q: Is it easy to refill?
A: Can’t be easier! Pull off the used Lint roller and insert a new refill. The refill cap and main body will click into place. Click!

Q: How many sheets does a Flint refill have?
A: Each Flint Refill has 30 reusable sheets.

Q: Is Flint’s adhesive tape good?
A: Its outstanding. We purchase our tape from Japan and the quality and efficacy is extraordinary. Flint will pick up lint, pet hair, crumbs and much, much more.

Q: Is Flint the same as a travel lint roller?
A: No! & Yes! No … because Flint extends to twice its length making it almost the same length as a large household lint roller. i.e effective and large. And Yes... because it is even smaller than the traditional travel lint rollers, won’t stick to anything you don’t want it to, and is the perfect travel companion.

Q: Where else can you use the Flint roller?
A: Anywhere and everywhere! Flint your friends and become intimate.

Q: How easy is it to take a new sheet?
A: Each Flint sheet has a micro perforation allowing an easy, clean and consistent cut.

Q: Has Flint won any awards?
A: Yes! Flint has won the Red Dot International Design Concept, the Good Design award from the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, as well as the Conde Nast Travel Essential award. Flint was also a finalist for the IHH Innovation Of The Year Award.

Q: Is Flint Patented?
Yes, Flint and Flint Plus is patented and \ or patent pending in nearly every major economy in the world. Flint has international utility patents, design patents, trademarks...

Q: What is the difference between Flint and Flint Plus?
Flint is our 30 sheet "on the go" lint roller, it's portable and small enough to keep in your bag or briefcase, in your car or at the office. Flint Plus is our 70 sheet "at home" lint roller. Designed to be always clean and not stick to things it shouldn't.

Q. Can I use the Flint Plus refill on a Flint?
No. Flint uses Flint refills and Flint Plus uses Flint Plus refills.

Q. How does Flint Plus work?
Simply twist the base to open the FlintShield and expose the Flint Plus refill. Use as you would a traditional lint roller. When your done, just twist the base to close.

Q. How many sheets does a Flint Plus refill have?
Each Flint Plus refill has 70 sheets.

Q: Can I Return Flint?
A: Yes, Flints and \ or Flint Plus, bought at MeetFlint.com may be returned to us for a full refund within 60 days of receiving the order. Simply return to, Flint, 7845 Colony Road, Suite C4218, Charlotte, NC 28226 together with a copy of your invoice and we will refund as soon as we receive it. No RMA needed.

Q: What credit cards do you accept?
A: We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and PayPal.

Q: Do you keep my credit card details?
A: We take security VERY seriously and that is one reason why we do NOT save customer credit card information.

Q: How much is shipping?
A: Shipping is free for orders over $25. For orders under $25, we charge $5 flat-rate shipping anywhere in the United States.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A. We do ship to a select amount of international countries. We charge a $25 flat-rate fee for international orders.